Sweet & Flirty Downtown Maryland Engagement

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Oh my goodness. These two are so cute! Styled perfectly and oh-so-obviously-in-love – these two evoke so much love in their engagement session by Mary Brunst Photography!

I met this awesome couple at their engagement session in Frederick, MD last October, and I immediately felt like I was hanging out with old friends. As I was looking at Matt and Carly through the lens of my camera I couldn’t help but notice that these two were constantly smiling, it’s so obvious to see the love that they share.

As with all of the engagement sessions that I photograph, I asked Matt and Carly to choose the location and to bring any props that they felt like displayed their personalities. We had so much fun hanging out at some of their favorite date spots in downtown Frederick; starting off at Wags, having a drink at Brewer’s Alley, then enjoying a walk near Carroll Creek…. and how cute are their props?! I couldn’t of asked for a better engagement session to photograph, I felt like I was able to follow them on a date and document a little slice of who they are. Those are my favorite kinds of photo sessions, the kind where I get to tell stories, as they are happening. I so enjoyed hanging out with Matt and Carly, and I’m so very much looking forward to photographing their wedding this August! Congratulations soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. McVay!
– Mary Brunst Photography

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