Sweet & Heavenly Jacksonville Engagement

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At first glance, we thought that sky was totally photoshopped… and then, we realized it was real! How absolutely stunning is this engagement session from Gagan Dhiman?! From the sweet moments at the frozen yogurt shop, to the romantic scenes from the beach, this session is just purely beautiful.

From the moment I met them it was clear that the love these two have for each other is from God. I met them at Sweet Frog Frozen Yogurt. I went a little early to check the place out and the first thing I noticed was the song that the playing in the store was one of my favorite worship songs. I knew it was going to be a good day because before every shoot I pray that God will give me the eye to see the moments that He wants me to capture. Hearing the worship music in the store set my heart at ease as a reminder that He will be with me through the session. How comforting is our God!? Well after some yogurt we went to Jacksonville Zoo, then to the beach and ended the night at Downtown Jacksonville. I am very excited to capture their wedding in March. So without any further due have look at there engagement photos.
Gagan Dhiman

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