Sweetness in the Park – St. Louis Engagement

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This engagement session from Photoajoy Photography is sweet, flirty, and full of charm!

Lashaunda and Brandon are a fun couple. She could not stop laughing and he could not stop adoring her. They met at a mutual friends home who had come down from San Diego to St. Louis to visit family & friends. Brandon had another date with him and so did Lashaund. Brandon’s date was acting as if she really did not want to be there while Lashaunda’s date was pretty much all over Brandon’s date! Afterwards Brandon shot a message to their mutual friend about Lashaunda and she came up with this brilliant idea on hooking the two of them up and as you can see her idea was a success! It was a cool spring afternoon in Saint Louis and we decided to meet up at one of my favorite places – Lafayette Square Park. What else can a photographer ask for – Beautiful light and two people in love. We walked around the park and had lots of fun and enjoyed every moment.
Photoajoy Photography

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Photographer:  Photoajoy Photography//Event Venue: Lafayette Square Park

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