Tea Party Wedding in Santa Fe

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Hold on to your jaws because they may drop from the beauty within this wedding collection from Julie Haider Photography + Design! We’re gushing over every detail – the perfectly uncoordinatedly-color-coordinated bridesmaid dresses, the floral arrangements, the tea party inspiration, the adorable couple, and of course the dropdead gorgeousness of New Mexico. This is a showstopper, folks.

Here’s a little more from the gorgeous bride:
“Wedding inspiration: Being that I am from the east coast and grew up in a Victoria home, and I met my amazing husband in the beautiful southwest we decided to infuse these two locations into one for our wedding. The venue was a beautiful vacation home in the mountains of Santa fe. The deep rich adobe set the background while the details were antique and vintage infused. I have always had a love for everything vintage and my favorite story was Alice in Wonderland growing up. Using all these different things as inspiration is what enabled us to come up with a wedding that was the perfect fit for us. We made most of the decor ourselves, from the dainty doily garland that graced the dance floor to the old skeleton keys that directed guests to their seats. Little Eat Me signs invited guests to sample all the bite sized desserts from New Mexico Pie Company. I walked down the aisle to Can’t Help Falling in Love with both my mother and father at my side. My bouquet was a combination of tea roses and local purple thistle and my dress was a custom made Allure gown from Bridal Elegance. My something blue was my mint blue heels that matched my husbands socks. All in all it was the perfect wedding for us and all the details came together thanks to all of our amazing vendors.How Brandon proposed:Brandon and I have been together for 5 years and we try to always do something special for our dating anniversary. Brandon decided he wanted to take me to Tamaya resort here in New Mexico and I was so excited. When we arrived Brandon was checking in and I wondered to the patio to take in the beautiful landscape and view. Off in the distance I could see a horse drawn carriage trotting up the path. “How amazing!” I thought to myself. Brandon came behind me and said that it was for us. I couldn’t believe it! I grew up on a horse farm and have ridden horses my entire life until I made the move to New Mexico and I miss it tremendously, so this was the perfect gift for me. When we got into the carriage chocolate covered strawberries and champagne awaited us. We road through the woods and along the Rio Grande river where Brandon asked the driver to pull over at a cute little gazebo along the water. This is where he got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. Of course I said yes!! While riding back to the resort in the carriage I noticed flashes going off in the distance. I thought it was just tourist excited to see a horse drawn carriage as I had been when I first saw it, but as we came closer I noticed it was a dear friend of mine who was a professional photographer. He asked her to come and do a mini just engaged session! She also brought along her husband who shot video! After the session we were walking back to our hotel room and I was just overwhelmed with joy and excitement. When I opened the door to our room 10 of our closest friends jumped out and yelled surprise! At this point is when the waterworks came. He put so much thought in planning the perfect evening for me filled with love, friendship, and laughter. It was amazing and I will never forget it!”

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The Wedding Pros:

Photographer:  Julie Haider Photography + Design //Invitations:  Julie Haider Photography + Design//Cinema and Video:A Contrast in Light//Design and Decor:Black Swan Events//Dress Store: Bridal Elegance by Darlene//Other Location:Casa Del Arroyo//Professional: Julie Haider Photography//Caterer:Mon Amis//Cake Designer: New Mexico Pie Company//Floral Designer: Passion Floral Design Studio//Hair Stylist:Salon Rouge//Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Suits Unlimited//

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