The Story of the Traveling Ring

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This is the story of the traveling ring – a ring that traveled across the world in 48 hrs so that one guy could propose to his girl. Grab a tissue and read this amazing Real Proposal Story sent to us by Katie Hartig Images. Love is in the air!

This is a whimsical and fun engagement shoot – shot in a field near the groom’s hometown. These two share a love that you can just feel through the pictures, and their engagement story is such a fun one that leads you to believe things happen for a reason.
– Katie Hartig Images

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Paul & Paulene are a very laid back, musical couple. After 6 years together, Paul just knew that the trip they were planning together to visit Paulene’s extended family in the Philippines was where he had to ask her to be his wife. Paul had always known that he would give his future wife a family diamond, but he was not certain on how it would be set. When he talked to his mother about the diamond, she mentioned that Paulene had posted a few ring ideas on Pinterest. Paul secretly viewed all of the rings she had “pinned”, and decided that he would have his favorite made. He found a jewelry store who agreed to make the ring as pictured, and to have it ready for their trip. When he got the call the ring was ready to be picked up, he could hardly wait to go see it. When he arrived, the ring was extremely wrong – it was NOTHING like the picture he had provided. The jeweler took a closer look and agreed. With only one week until they left for the trip, he guaranteed the ring would be ready the day before they flew out. The morning before the trip, Paul anxiously went to pick up the ring. He was sure that the 2nd time around, the ring would be perfect. Much to his dismay, it AGAIN was Nothing like the picture.

Uncertain what to do, and hoping to still be able to propose to the love of his life, he called his sister to ask for advice. She told him he could do a few things; 1) propose with a ring they found in the Philippines and let her know that the ring is still being made (and have the jeweler give it one last go), 2) take the ring with him as it was and propose with the thought that she could later bring it in to have them change the design, or 3) hold off on proposing all together. None of these options seemed ideal, as Paul wanted the ring he asked Paulene with to be the ring she would wear the rest of her life. His sister could tell he was upset, and started digging some more. She found the different rings that were “pinned” to Paulene’s site, and with a little research, found that one of the rings was actually one of a kind from the Victorian era, it was located in a small antique shop- located in New Hampshire! She called Paul and let him know there was a glimmer of hope. Paul called the antique shop and found that the ring was actually Paulene’s perfect size (meant to be?). There was only one catch – Paul and Paulene lived in Southern Jersey – and they were flying out of Newark, NJ the next morning.

A plan was soon hatched, and even the antique shop became involved. Paul began the trek from New Jersey – heading north…… When the store clerk heard the story, she herself drove the ring from the store, to a coffee shop outside of Boston, where Paul’s father drove up to meet her (from CT where he lived). His dad then drove all the way back to CT where he met Paul’s sister, Katie, off of the highway. Katie then took the ring and met Paul in Southern CT. Upon meeting up with his sister, Paul promptly turned around and began his journey back home just in time to catch their flight. Because it was such short notice, and his grandmother’s diamond was set in the setting that did not turn out right, Paul proposed with the diamond that was in the ring already, and they had it switched out upon their return to the US.

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