Traveling Romance – A Travel Themed Engagement Party

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We LOVE this wonderfully themed engagement party documented by IJ Photo! Browse the collection and see if you can decipher where their destination wedding is taking place! We LOVE this theme idea!

Darryl and Amanda have three passions: family, food, and travel. This jet set couple is planning to marry in France in May of 2015, but they chose to kick off their wedding adventure at home in Seattle with an intimate engagement party. Prior to the event, the couple did not divulge their chosen wedding destination. So, to build suspense for their eventual announcement, Amanda and Darryl chose a travel theme for their party. Decorations hinted at possible destinations. Locally sourced food and a signature cocktail reminded guests that while the couple plan to marry far away, their hearts call Seattle home.

Although their wedding is nearly a year and thousands of miles away (Paris to be exact), Amanda and Darryl chose to make planning their wedding a celebration unto itself. Their “wedding year” kick off came March 7, with a gathering of family and friends at Local 360 Restaurant in the heart of downtown Seattle. This couple loves to travel and wherever they go, they collect lasting relationships like others collect souvenir tea spoons. Their passion for life, each other, and all that the world has to offer is a true joy to witness. Their next destination is Lubbock, Texas to visit Amanda’s family. Their wedding adventure will culminate in the city of love in May of 2015.
– IJ Photo

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The Style Pros:

Photographer:  IJ Photo//Restaurant:Local 360

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