Treasured Romance Styled Shoot

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This styled shoot from London Light Photography is so uniquely lovely! Read the inspiration and then dive into the beautiful collection!

I woke up on a beautiful California morning on January 19, 2014. The weather was spectacular. It would match my expectations of the engagement session I would be photographing. With the expectations of this spectacular day, I had to follow the general rulebook to spectacularism. A Starbucks grande Blond coffee, with steamed breve and a splash of Splenda. Now I’m ready roll. I would be meeting Crystal and Jason, and my goodness I was excited! The moment I saw Crystal, I was captivated!!! She wore a beautiful short trimmed white dress, silver jeweled heels, and a sparkly jeweled hairpiece. Then I saw Jason! This was to good to be true! Jason was looking sharp gray tux and black bow tie! These two know how to dress. We arrived on set. Again I was knocked off my feet by spectacularism. Nancy Kruse, owner of Touched by Time Vintage Rentals brought her A game. Three chandeliers hanging from a silver pined arched tree branch, a beautiful farm table dressed with silver, white and cream, and two white winged back chairs. It was so romantic! Touched by Time Vintage Rentals and myself would be spending a full day with Crystal and Jason. I would photograph three separate scenes.

The Story:
Crystal and Jason are knee deep in wedding planning. Crystal gladly supplies Jason with all the reading material he will need to help guide him to their wedding day. The two decided to take a break and head to the coast for a little romance and sunset. As they are walking the beach they find a treasure chest. They open the chest and find random objects, candles sticks, flowers, a white dress, a bow tie, a book, and much more. The sun sets, and the two drift of into slumber. They meet in their dreams. There they find a beautiful table set for two. The table is set with pieces they found in the treasure chest. Crystal is wearing the white dress discovered in the trunk. Jason is wearing the black bow. Dream a little dream with me.
– London Light Photography

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The Wedding Pros:

Photographer:  London Light Photography//Event Designer: Touched by Time Vintage Rentals

Be Minked Founder + Photographer + Designer + Partner @ Mon Petit Studio