Turquoise & Coral DIY Canada Wedding

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From oodles of DIY elements to bright and cheerful colors, this wedding from Brawns Photography makes us smile!

Having known Kevin (groom) for quite some time it was a bit different for us to spend the morning with the guys getting ready. Typically we are with the bride; don’t worry she wasn’t left without gorgeous getting ready images too.

Brita’s parents own this beautiful venue, which was done up beautifully for this summer wedding. As we were headed out to the venue the sky was filled with looming black clouds. Fortunately, the sky opened up and it poured rain before the ceremony. The guests all kept dry waiting inside the venue. After a few minutes the rain let up and chairs were dried off and the ceremony went on like the rain didn’t happen. Even the sun made an appearance and the remainder of the day was perfect. There were many DIY elements. The flowers were done by friends and family and the wedding cake was made by the Brides sister whom was also a bridesmaid.
– Brawns Photography

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