Uniquely Magical New York Engagement

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This styled engagement session from Vanessa Joy Photography has all of the unusual charm that one could dream of! Absolutely spectacular!

I was so excited to be a part of this engagement style shoot that featured such unique details and astethics. It was an absolute JOY to photograph this real life couple from Italy who are also wedding planners for chic italian weddings.  Photographing in the heart of manhattan helped give this engagement session a truly off beat feel and I loved every minute of this session!
– Vanessa Joy Photography

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The Style Pros:

Photographer:  Vanessa Joy Photography  |  Event Planner: Chicweddingsinitaly  |  Floral Designer: Flowerful Events  |  Location: The Evolution Store


From the Beautiful Bride:

A few years ago while in New York I fell in love with a wonderful shop called EVOLUTION. Evolution is a magical place, a cabinet of curiosities where you can find all the species of animals, colours and bones.

While dedicating a big part of my days to brainstorming ideas, colours, objects and new trends for wedding events, this time I just thought ” let’s propose it” rather than ” show a sample image”. And there we were! Back to New York, I have obtained a special permission to organize a photo shoot inside the Evolution store, and with the help of two talented professionals, Vanessa Joy of Vanessa Joy photography and Rob of Rob Adams films, the images were a wonderful result.

Amanda, of Amandaflowerful events, a very professional flower stylist, has helped me to put into reality a bridal bouquet I had in my mind. Not something made of the usual pink flowers, peonies or similar, but something rather unusual. The bouquet was incorporating: a turtle shell, a fake peacock bird, one small horn, and a pelvis animal bone; these objects together with the dedicated attention of colourful flowers, were the result of a heavenly bouquet. An unusual piece of heart which I wish every bride would dare to ask me on their wedding days.

Vanessa shot images of me and my boyfriend inside this beautiful shop and while posing, I could not stop thinking how impressive would be to hold a reception inside those walls. For the occasion we chose our selection of clothes accordingly. I wanted something which could fit into the mood or give a ” let’s go hunting” feeling. A sort of hunting feast, while tables had the colours of feathers, earth and where butterflies embraced our souls.

The Evolution store is not the place for you if you are vegetarian or if you rather prefer to see animals alive, but if you, like me, are fascinated by this world of colours, feathers, skulls and bones definitely this is the place for you.


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