Villanova University Engagement

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This charming Villanova University Engagement Session from POPography is going to make you melt!

“Fun. Down to Earth. Instant Friends. Jeff and myself made our way down to Villanova, PA to meet up with this super sweet couple. Kristie and Kyle were crossing the street as we pulled up. We jumped out of the car and instantly hit it off! These two are wonderful people and we are so glad they are not only our clients, but our friends. It was fun to walk around campus with Kyle as our tour guide Alumni of Villanova University. It was a beautiful campus full of history and glimpses of their love story. Kyle even proposed on campus under the arch! For his proposal he strategically placed their family and friends all around the campus and revealed them as they walked through the campus. HOW ROMANTIC! The church was in the center of campus and was defintely a show stopper! But what really blew our minds was the enormous tree that was on campus. You wouldn’t know by looking at the tree that it was hollow inside. My very curious husband walked towards the tree and realized you could go inside! It was remarkable inside. Tons of people had carved their names and love notes up the branches of the tree. It was a very romantic place to be. We rounded out the evening at dusk when all of the campus lights came on. We really loved shooting with these two and hearing the stories of how they met.”


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