Vintage Forest Muse New Mexico Styled Shoot

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This beautiful styled shoot from Alicia Lucia Photography is filled with lovely and unexpected inspiration for all you fellow rustic junkies. Swoon!

The inspiration for this shoot started with a vintage dress. Someone’s discard was brought back to life. What better way than to match its beauty by capturing it with the allure of New Mexico’s enchanting sunsets and rustic colors around the flowing river. The dress and lanterns were a staple in this whimsically ethereal shoot. The model used delicate & eloquent movements to bring this vintage dress and nature together.
– Alicia Lucia Photography

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The Style Pros:

Photographer:  Alicia Lucia Photography//Personal Stylist: Tracey Harrell//Model:Christina Harrell//Makeup Artist:Erica Gonzales

Be Minked Founder + Photographer + Designer + Partner @ Mon Petit Studio