Waiting for Baby Jovie – Virginia Baby Bump

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We are absolutely loving these lifestyle maternity sessions that are popping up! Your home can be the perfect place for showing off that glowing smile, growing belly, and of course a super excited big brother! This momma-to-be is positively radiant and the moments captured by Amber L. Richards Photography are natural, fun, and intimate – all at the same time! Oh so sweet!

Our lifestyle maternity session began with soon-to-be mom for the second time Jessica and Baby Jovie. It was late afternoon and the lighting was simply gorgeous in the master bedroom, perfect for beautiful, intimate shots. We then snagged dad (Tyler) and older brother Noah (2 years old) for some more casual, family shots! Can you tell just how excited Noah is to be a big brother?! Check out that smile! We finished up our time with photos of Tyler and Baby Jovie’s first pair of shoes. Can you say daddy’s little girl?! Sweet Baby Jovie is set to arrive in April, and we just can’t wait!
Amber L. Richards Photography

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