Where The Wild Things Are Styled Shoot

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We are OBSESSED with this Where The Wild Things Are Styled Shoot sent over to us by the talented Elizabeth Cryan Photography.

“Each season we discover unique clients that enjoy expressing themselves through their wedding day. As wedding professionals we often dream of how we would describe ourselves in a unique way to show future clients that we can work with them to get outside the typical wedding box. We love taking something seemingly so ordinary and turning it into an extraordinary experience. This is where our idea for a Where the Wild Things Are photoshoot began. We wanted to take a childhood story we all know and love and find a way to turn it into a love story. One you could center your wedding on, pulling out layers of details that make the touching words and details of the book carry throughout. We wanted to incorporate many of these scenes from the book, as well as pull in lines from the story to tuck into each scene. From Max’s bedroom growing into the world all around him, to him sailing to some far off land to find his wild thing. Max is made king and makes his wild thing his queen. Their entire day is spent in the wilderness, embracing the beautiful scenery around them. Layering in details of leathers and fur, hinting that the wild things are close by. From the wild picked florals to the hair and bark and feather details in our cake. We cared the beautiful and playful details throughout this wedding. Ending our day of extraordinary adventure with a wild rumpus. And as Max and his bride awake to find they have returned home, they realized they were where someone loved them the most.”
– Elizabeth Cryan Photography

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Photographer:  Elizabeth Cryan Photography//Dress Designer:D’Lola Couture//Cinema and Video: 4th Kind Entertainment//Invitation Designer: Anthologie Press//Jewelry: Ashley Schenkein Jewelry Design//Floral Designer: Bella Calla//Apparel:Brackish Bowties //Model:Garrett Kidd//Cake Designer: Kelley Kakes//Event Planner: MAG Events//Model:Olivia Ritchie//Veils and headpieces: Opam inc//Other: Patina Preferred: A Vintage Rental Boutique//Reception Venue: Piney River Ranch LLC//Makeup Artist: The Parlour Fort Collins//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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