Whimsical New Jersey Baby Bump

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We absolutely love this charming maternity session from Digna Toledo Photography! Congratulations to this sweet little family and their newest member!


From the Momma-to-Be:

Fermin and I met in 2002 through one of his cousins at a family gathering. After 2 1/2 years of dating, on November 20, 2004 we became husband and wife in holy matrimony. In 2007 we were blessed to become parents for the very first time as we welcomed our daughter Melina into this world. After a few years of fertility difficulties, we were filled with joy once again when we learned we were expecting a second child, this time a baby boy! We wanted to celebrate that our family was now complete and what better way than to captivate this moment through the wonderful world of photography. We are truly thankful that DT Photography was there to make it memorable and I will forever cherish my maternity pictures.

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