Wintery Fun Ontario Engagement

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This charming snowy engagement session from Lisa Provencal Photography just makes us smile! Further proof that your engagement session does not need to be stuffy or anything but natural. Just have fun with it and you’ll end up with a session that’s truly your own! Oh, and Boshi is totally adorbs.

A beautiful bride to be from the UK, meets an adorable Canadian! Gemma and Roger have been together for 9 years & will become husband and wife on July 4th, 2015! They met 9 years ago in South Korea while traveling and teaching English. After two year in Asia, they decided to move back to Gemma’s hometown in the UK & live there for 1 year. After one year in the UK, Gemma moved to Canada to be closer to Rogers family. It’s almost been 6 years in Canada & this is where they’ve decided to settle down. Boshi, there sweet 2 year old Westie, is truly their “Baby” He keeps them on their toes & active. Gemma and Roger will be getting married at StoneFields Heritage Farm & I can’t wait to be apart of their big day!
– Lisa Provencal Photography

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