Woodsy Pastel Georgia Farm Wedding

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Love love LOVE all of the sweet rustic charm in this real wedding sent over to us by Claire Diana Photography!

“Ellie & Daniel were each other’s first boyfriend/girlfriend, and 8 years later, they’re now husband and wife. They’ve been through many life changes together, including college, graduate school, and entering the “real world,” and they’ve supported each other through it all. I tried summarizing their ADORABLY perfect love story in my own words, but I never could do it justice. Ellie’s words are much better:”Daniel and I started dating our senior year of high school. We had a similar group of friends and ate lunch together every day. (I secretly had a crush on him for about a year, but told absolutely no one. Especially since I thought he liked my best friend.) One day in September, he walked with me back to my class after lunch and asked me to homecoming in the middle of the parking lot. He was so cute and timid. He seemed SO nervous and his voice was shaking. Of course I said yes! We parted ways after a hug, and later that afternoon he asked me to go out on a date with him to “get to know each other better” before homecoming. That Friday, he picked me up at my mom’s gift shop and took me to get pizza and ice cream before going to our football game. After the game, we went and got coffee before he took me back to my car at my mom’s store. As he went in for the goodbye hug, he knocked my drink out of my hands and it spilled EVERYWHERE. We laughed about it and continued to tell that story years after that moment. Over the next month, we went on a couple of dates a week, and after the homecoming dance he asked me to be his girlfriend. We are each other’s first and only boyfriend/girlfriend.”THE PROPOSAL: Last November, Ellie & Daniel started driving over to Ellie’s parents house with no particular plans after having been “bailed on” by a good friend who was visiting town. However, Ellie noticed that Daniel was taking a different route on the way to her parents’ house. They happened to pass by the pizza place they went to on their first date. Then the ice cream place. Then Ellie’s mom’s old store. When they pulled into her mom’s old store, that’s when Ellie knew that something was going on. Daniel parked the car in the exact spot where her car was parked 7 years earlier on their first date. This is where Daniel asked Ellie to marry him. It was an emotional moment of hugging and crying, and then Ellie spotted the hidden photographer and their good friend who had “bailed” on top of the store roof congratulating them (he was in on it all along). After a mini photo shoot at the store, they drove to tell Ellie’s parents. When they arrived, they were greeted by all of their close friends and family as well as a house full of food, champagne, and decorations.It’s clear that Ellie & Daniel are surrounded by so many people who love them dearly. Their wedding was relaxed and fun and intimate, and perfect. Their vows made me tear up. Ellie danced on her dad’s shoes during the Father/Daughter dance. The bridesmaids wore mismatched dresses and looked like they came straight out of a bridal magazine. Daniel was wearing a watch with the engraved words “Always and forever yours. Love, Ellie.” Ellie performed a dance with her best friends from childhood at the reception. And we took full advantage of the gorgeous property at Silver City Farm by walking around to different locations after Ellie & Daniel’s super sweet First Look. I couldn’t be happier for this kindhearted & amazing couple, and I’m thrilled that they chose me to capture these memories.”
– Claire Diana Photography

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Photographer:  Claire Diana Photography//Ring Designer:Blazer Arts//Dress Store: David’s Bridal//Caterer: Grand Champion BBQ//Other: Justin Larson Photography//Cake Designer:Nothing Bundt Cakes//Event Venue: Silver City Farm //Ring Designer:Tena’s//Ring Designer:Truedge Wood Works//Cake Designer:Whole Foods Market//

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